Polish Cultural Association


The Polish Cultural Association Wiosna w Szamotułach is an association whose ramifications are developing in Alsace while its roots are firmly buried in Polish ground. Its adherants are people wishing to discover Polish arts and traditions.

The Wiosna PCA, with its partners in Poland, works towards the realisation of cultural events (dance shows, conferences, Arts and Traditions exhibitions, concerts, literary encounters, photography or painting exhibitions,…). The exhibitions enable to gather in a same place a big number and a wide diversity of objet d’art and authentic traditions (more than 400 pieces) coming from private collection, thus contributing to present a living Poland, with a rich and authentic patrimony.

Since its creation in 1988, the Wiosna PCA has been proud to welcome thousands of visitors:
  • In 1989, at the Rencontres Polonaises in La Robertsau with the support of the European Council and the City of Strasbourg
  • In 1990, at the Polish Christmas in Kayserberg with the Popular Dances Workshop of Wiosna w Szamotułach
  • At the fête des Mais in Fléville-les-Nancy with the PDW Wiosna w Szamotułach
  • At the Animation Inter Culturelle, Strasbourg
  • In 1993, at the Polish Days in Bischwiller with the PDW Wiosna w Szamotułach
  • In 1994, at the exhibition « Poland » in Oberhoffen
  • In 1995, at the exhibition « Polish Feasts» in Bitschoffen with the PDW Wiosna w Szamotułach
  • In 1996, at the exhibition «  Christmas Traditions in Pland» at the Rohan Castle in Saverne with the PDW Wiosna w Szamotułach
  • In 1997, at the exhibition « Easter Traditions in Poland » at the Rohan Castle Museum – Saverne
  • In 2000, Polish ancient musics concert by the Kapela Wiosna in Ingwiller
  • In 2001, at the exhibition « Polish Seasons » at the Rohan Castle Museum - Saverne
    More than 3000 visitors, TV emission on France 3 Alsace with the Kapela Wiosna and the PDW Wiosna w Szamotułach
  • In 2004, at the exhibition "Polish Chrismas" at Temple Neuf in Strasbourg
  • In 2005, at the exhibition "Arts and Traditions in Poland" for the Pfingst celebration in Wissembourg
  • From december 2005 to january 2006, Exhibition "Traditions de Noël en Pologne" at Musee du château Rohan - in Saverne
  • From december 8th 2007 au january 6Th 2008 exhibition at Espace Camille Claudel in Saint Dizier
  • Decembre 2012 exhibition at Musée de la Folie Marco in Barr


In 1989 and 1990, the PDW Wiosna w Szamotułach was granted by the Committee of Polish Foreign Cultural Relations, in Warsaw, a distinction rewarding its influence and dynamism.